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At the tender age of 5, Fedstar, aka Federica Anna Settembrini, knew she was destined to sing. As she sung her way through regional festivals, she was spotted by a talent scout, which started her career on TV. Having performed in various different Italian kids television competitions, she's not one to shun away from the limelight. As well as singing, Fedstar had a great passion for dance, studying Ballet and Modern Dance.


She moved to Rome to study acting and managed to land a role in the fiction Rai1 "Ho Sposato uno Sbirro”. Having realized that music was her first vocation, immediately left to Milan to record her first record. With the single 'Besame' she was mentioned among the international stars on GRAZIA Magazine as the national 'Annee'. Fedstar then relocated to London to resume her career.


In 2020 she featured on Mr.Mara song 'Sexy Move' with the stage name Fed, birthing her stage name FedStar. Fedstar had also released a previous track which racked up over 200,000 views.

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