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About Us

Artist + Creative Freedom = Success

We Are Verified is an English multinational record label based in the UK with its head office being in London, Founded in 2018.

Our predominant focus is on House, Dance, Grime, Drill, Hip-Hop / Rap, R&B, and Urban music.


We Are Verified specialises in label services to the independent label and artist community which include:

A&R advice, competitive media planning, digital marketing, flexible deal structures, local & international marketing sales & distribution, publishing & licensing, monthly financial reporting with daily artist metrics on request, streaming and playlist strategy, sync & brand partnership.

The label distributes releases of various artists and record labels and exports the music and culture of the UK to the rest of the world.


Founded in 2018, We Are Verified Ltd has set out to bring liberation, belonging, and innovation into the industry for the creative.


We have created music with artists such as Ray J, JME, Kapten Rod & Blizzy (Swedish artist), Disturbing London, Jammer, Chip, Ears, Donaeo, DJ Luck, and MC Neat, plus many more.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver a vision and offer creatives a flexible and inclusive well thought out production deal that brings efficiency and streamlining to the creative journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to discover creatives that are a part of trending cultures that major labels don't understand and to get the talent we discover out and into the world of music.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of offering independent creatives fluid and structured services that are able to change with external forces to remain relevant within a creative journey.


Our Goal

Our goal as an organisation is to strive to produce the highest quality products and services for the world to use, watch and hear.


We aim to expand, grow and innovate the media and entertainment industry by working with the best talents out there and bringing new fresh trends, strategies, ethics and processes to this space.


We are in this for the long run and are working to be recognised as a major brand in the future.

Creative Services

On offer we also have creative services that can be paid for and utilised by the general public.


We have our own production building with the resources to get various production needs done in-house and externally. We offer personal and business services remotely and in


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