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Bate Nate H

Bate recently got close and real acquainted with YOUNG THUG and hid YSL RECORDS artists so much that he has unreleased music with THUGGER and has released a EP “SLATT (SLIME LOVE ALL THE TIME)” with YSL artist FARGO which is doing really well amongst the ears of the world.


Bate Nate H had also opened for the late and great 2Pac’s rap group called “the outlawz” at the London Jazz Café and also took them to the streets of hackney to meet the people. 

Bate Nate H comments on his career by saying: “I just feel like the most you can do is be yourself, to bring the essence out of you. That’s what music’s about. I think that’s lost these days. There’s a lot of people who sound the same. Same tone, same words. With me, I’ve read the dictionary. I’ve had times where I’ve had to sit back with nothing else to do but read. I’ve looked up words and thought okay let me do something in another way with it. Something different, something outside the box. And that’s what it’s about.”

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