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Frenzo Harami is a British rapper, based in East London. He was born in Jhelum, Pakistan, and is currently living in Walthamstow, UK. 


Frenzo has faced many trials and tribulations in his lifetime and at one point found himself selling drugs to support himself and his music. However, in 2018, things changed when Harami decided it was about time he took his music and rapping career seriously in order to reach his full potential.


In 2019, Frenzo released songs such as ”Next Up”, ”Raamiya”, ”Dil Da Raami”, ”Saari Raat” and ”Sarangi” which he celebrated with fellow artists Ickey Singh and Raashi Sood.


He then came into prominence in 2019 with his latest single “Chaabian Boyz”, a collaborative effort with Shaker the Baker. Later, the song would be banned by the BBC due to the nature of the song which according to them was ”glamorizing sexual exploitation”. Frenzo has since argued against this and has gone on to continue his streak of making undoubtedly bangers.


Further down the line, Harami released his debut 5 track extended play album, "Gundeh Paseh". Later on in the same year, "Chaabian Boyz: Volume 2" was released in January 2020. The album features vocals from Shaker the Baker and received over 500,000 streams within 24 hours of its release.


On 1st May 2019, Frenzo appeared on the late-night radio show with Kan D Man and DJ Limelight on BBC Asian Network. Frenzo’s single “Chaabian Boyz” was aired on the radio. The song also saw Frenzo referring to himself as a “Pimp” and was played on the BBC Asian Network.

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